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Time does not wait in this world where our freedoms are threatened.

The purpose of a regular BULLETIN is to be on the lookout to inform citizens of the latest misdeeds.

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Newsflash of 12 January 2023
Before editing bulletin 10, given the urgency of the times, you will be breathless with the news below, which are not yet the worst foreseen.

The current situation

1) Amin Maalouf of the French Academy has already responded

This Lebanese Coptic born in 1946 makes us revisit our post-1945 political news and underlines the importance of the Spirit of Time on the way people think.
That was before Covid 19, which accelerated the movement...towards wokism that infected the gullible.

2) Let's add the excellent Daniele Ganser in his look back at 2022.

The lucidity of the Ticino historian is confirmed by General Dominique Delawarde

Listen to the first four minutes and the damning revelations of General Wesley Clarke, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, who denounces NATO's desire to start wars in many countries.

At the end of his speech, Daniele Ganser mentioned, despite the prevailing catastrophism, the 200,000 daily births on our planet. The arrival of a child is a happy event for many.

3) Let's look at the immense commitment of parents in local societies, and the commitment of grandparents or other volunteers to make up for the shortcomings of the State.
Let's look at the immense commitment of people to sports, music, culture despite the neglect of the elites over the last three years.

In reality, despite the horrors we have discovered and the immense damage created by criminal lunatics, there is a considerable energy and commitment of people to get out of it and feel better.
Argentina's victory, against Macron and Davos, has given the whole world breath.

4) The bond in a group is based on trust and solidarity, currently often masked. And that is enough for the vast multitude...
It is true that the population has been "drunk" and partly prefers the irresponsible ignorance taught by the media.

Moreover, trust in their doctor has led many patients astray.

5) There is cause for concern.

  • The WHO has an official pandemic programme for 10 years, from 2020 to 2030. It declares pandemics whenever it wants, and enforces its decisions above national laws.

In partnership with GAVI at the John Hopkins Center of health Security, it is predicting a CATASTROPHIC CONTAGION in 2025.
In 30 minutes, this explosive video documentary presents the evidence of the "Plandemy".

  • The EU in Brussels, associated with the previous ones, also aims at the destruction of man through the corruption of children. Unstoppable intervention by Marion Sigaut on 6 October 2022.

6) Nano technical injections and other products

The small country is now sitting on 13.5 million doses, nervously awaiting the delivery of a further 2 million in the coming weeks, and surely lamenting that a further 11.6 million should arrive by the end of 2023.

And the Federal Council persists in continuing to buy products from the merchants of death.

This is a huge waste of taxpayers' money.

Even if Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, it is not certain that this will go down well with our compatriots.

And what do our national councillors do? They obey.

7) At the top of this unimaginable crapulence, we have the power of the US DOLLAR, of Blackrock and Vanguard, of a few satanist families or not, of a few thousand paedocriminals, of Washington DC, of London and the Vatican.

8) The Media has been glorifying corrupt politicians and manufacturing ignorance in the masses since the 1969 Moon, but at full throttle for the last three years.


Although I recommend reading Marc Menant's "L'histoire terrifiante des vaccins" and Michel de Lorgeril's "Prévenir l'infarctus et l'AVC" to take care of one's health and denounce the COVID-19 farce, I don't think that the medical angle will awaken the population. Nor the financial, climate, etc. angle.

On the other hand, extraordinary information that our leaders necessarily know should open the eyes of the people.


  • Bridget Brink, US ambassador to Ukraine, very active during the Maiden coup, was executed by the USMarines in Guantanamo on the day of her trial in October 2022. Totally drunk, she handed over $2.2 billion from Biden to a Ukrainian official.

  • Nancy Pelosi, has been warned. Speaker of the US House of Representatives from 2007 to 2011, and again in 2019, was unable to complete her term of office because she was hanged on 25 December.

Why the information with the Anonymous white mask?
In my opinion, to soften the blow and prevent people from reacting violently.

The deep state is launching an assault on GITMO on Christmas Day!
In fact, we see that the GITMO White Hats are stopping the Christmas fight to save lives.

GITMO attackers identified:

An important context: religions

Although I love the Stoics, I have a Christian sensibility and sing Gregorian. I consider that the monks of the Middle Ages developed cultural life, wine, art and cathedrals; despite its excesses, the Christian religion often allowed other faiths to live together.

Bashar El-Assad the Shiite even allowed the Archbishop of Aleppo to stay there during the war.

Two good films to see on the subject:

Where we realise that religion can calm people down. In 1972.

And a very good Gad Elmaleh, without professional actors. All the characters play their own part.


Most Christians are educated and too many Muslims are still unfortunately victims and stuck in ignorance by the mechanisms of the Koran:

How to understand Islam in its complexity and contradictions? How can we understand Islam in its complexity and contradictions? Should we see it as a religion of 'love, tolerance and peace' or, on the contrary, as a conquering and violent ideology? To shed light on the debate and remove ambiguities, Guy Sorel and Toufik Manar have published "La violence sacralisée - L'islam mis à nu". Their study takes us into the meanders of the Koran, to reveal how it was forged before becoming the support of an ideology of conquest that colonised a large part of the world by the sword, sacralising violence and legitimising the most inhuman acts. This is what this book is about: an ideology that is proving to be one of the most serious civilisational challenges of our time.

All this deserves reflection.


 November 23, 2022 Bulletin No 8


It's worse than anything we could have imagined.
VaXXinés, or rather INJECTED 2021, a 3 minutes video for your heart, before your liver, your head, your fertility, your descent, etc.,

The INJECTED 2021 contaminate others, which is widely observed in the links presented on this site.
But not ONLY THEM, the criminals on the other side are using every possible technique to suppress us soon. We will come back to this.

Dr Shimon Yanowitz is concerned because he has discovered in his own blood, the same self-assembled nano-structures that he observed in the injections even though he himself is not injected!

It is urgent that we all protect ourselves.
Listen to Dr. KALKER at the beginning of Bulletin 7, where the updated Prevention and Treatment Tips will help you make your choice.

This Bulletin 8 is more focused on children.
It gives you unimaginably violent information on the harm of injections, proposed for children from 6 months to 5 years.
And blood-curdling information on the pandemic of paedophilia since the 1970s. Sensitive souls should not read it.
My conclusion: "ONE ADVANCED MAN IS WORTH TWO" so that citizens have the bravery that politicians of all stripes, the media, doctors, Schwab and Bergoglio, etc., have not had.
I must remind you that on 6 March 2021 I informed the president of the FMH Yvonne Gilli (35,000 doctors in Switzerland) about the following numbered points, in more detail than below:

1- GAVI by Bill Gates, signed by the Federal Council in 2009

2- The 4,000 high-flying paedocriminals, including the two Bills from THE Epstein CASE visible on Amazon.

3- For the vaXXins "An extraordinary industrial comedy" by Michel de Lorgeril, as well as the damning hearing number 37 of the German extra-parliamentary commission, Corona, of 30 January 2021.

4- The origin and patents of COVID-19, by Alexandra Henrion Claude, geneticist.

5- The ugly joke of PCR testing by lawyer Rainer Fuellmich, as well as by the inventor of PCR, Nobel Prize 1993, Kary Mullis (1944-2018)

6- The usefulness of preventive treatments,



  • Roger Köppel, editor-in-chief of the Swiss German weekly WELTWOCHE, National Councillor, denounces the media's lies about Covid and the vaXXins with the complicity of the authorities.

A stimulating video.

  • See the (ironic) complicity of Ursula von Leyden (+Macron), of the Brussels deputies, except for some resisters like Virginie Joron.

You should know that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is 86% financed by the pharmaceutical companies.
In our country, for SWISSMEDIC and the UNIGE, it is by Bill Gates.
At the end of the video, Virginie Joron explains that GAFAM, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook have signed an agreement with the EU to promote the vaXXins, and to misinform the population. To mask other opinions and to prepare the prosecution of the awakened protesters.
It's quite perverse, to create confusion among citizens.

  • Dr Roger Hodkinson, a pathologist in Alberta, harangues doctors. It hurts even more, Colleagues.

  • 14 July criminal complaint against Swissmedic and vaxxinator doctors. That's even worse, Colleagues.

I. VAXXINATION: make your choice below

  • A sad procession close to home... in Italy

  • An urgent and important message to medical colleagues by Assem Malhotra

(including the EU), the obligation to inject 3 doses of vaxxin to children aged 0-5 years was already feasible as of 19 October 2022, overriding the sovereignty of the states.

Is Moderna, Lonza, a merchant of death, based in Visp?

This should be investigated by those responsible for the health and economy of the Valais.


Pedophilia is a misnomer for these crimes: -phile, -philie is a suffix meaning friend, who loves.

He is the son of the doctor who slammed his patient Mohammed V on the operating table on 26 February 1961 peine plus in Rabat, on the orders of Hassan II, son of the deceased.
Prof Jean-Pierre Taillens, ENT professor at UNi in Lausanne from 1952 to 1975, had to return to Switzerland the same night. He was my ENT professor.


I. I saw the "Documentary" on TSR on 20/11/22 at 20:35, "Freemasons: the obsession of dictators.
Apart from showing us Freemason temples and museums, and evoking that Freemasons are for freedom of thought and defend the people, it went round and round to make us believe that Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and Franco in their visceral personal hatred against the Freemasons, were alone responsible for the horrors of the 20th century.
Contrary to what TSR proposes, the Freemasons were not the cause of the Lateran Agreement, but simply banned like other secret societies. The same thing happened in Spain where everyone knows that it was a civil war.
Some "good" Masons saved us.
And do you know how these four dictators managed to convince the masses in their delusion? By using Fake News and conspiracy theory.
As it is said that today's conspiracy theorists do.
History repeats itself.

II. Sister Anne, don't you see anything coming?


September 12, 2022 



I live in the Valais Alps and have a private practice in Sion.
I have been a doctor for about 50 years, in general medicine until the age of 35, then in psychiatry.

When Covid-19 arrived in January 2020, as soon as the Bergamo tragedy occurred, I realised that everything was going to hell.

Putting dead patients in a bag and burning them immediately in hospital, WITHOUT SELF-PROTECTION, had never been seen in medicine.

Not prescribing antibiotics for a serious infection was quite surprising.

The Milanese ENT specialist, Dr Andrea Stramezzi, treated his friends immediately and successfully. Together with the Italian colleagues who followed him, they saved 6000 people.

In Switzerland, the doctors had no instructions for effective treatment.

Personally, like other practitioners, I very quickly treated successfully with Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine (less than CHF 20.-, paid by the basic insurance).

Concerned by these misunderstandings and anxious to provide the information expected by all, I quickly alerted people in a digital media and my Colleagues on an Internet forum of 500 Swiss psychiatrists.

Almost a year later, I read in the BMS of February 23, 2021, the Yellow Bulletin that we receive every week from the Federation of Swiss Doctors (35,000 doctors practicing in Switzerland) the editorial entitled:
"Big steps towards vaccination".

In it, our FMH President, Yvonne Gilli, promoted the scurrilous Covid-19 inoculations, castigating the more thoughtful doctors who did not follow the empty rhetoric of politicians and all the mainstream media.

I knew that Dr. Roberto Ostinelli was expelled from the FMH in Ticino and Dr. Andreas Heisler was banned from practising in Lucerne, because of their resistance to the one-track thinking.

To defend them, I resorted to the Declaration of Geneva, the modern Hippocratic Oath, which had been enriched with a paragraph:
"I will NOT use my knowledge to infringe human rights and civil liberties, even under duress."
My two Brothers have resumed their work.

My e-mail of 6 March to the President of the WFH is worth a read.

I have since forwarded to the WFH Committee, the Medical Societies, the SMSR, Public Health, etc., a series of 10 e-mails in three languages, documented and kept up to date, damning the meaningless official Covid-19 discourse.

I wrote carefully; none of my sentences or links were challenged.
The WFH did not reply to me.
I received a short, regrettable email from the president of the SMSR (Société Médicale de la Suisse Romande) which I do not consider a response. I am a member of the SMSR.

When I discovered the very nasty farce of Bergamo, I did not expect at all to encounter a global genocide organised by the elites, with the complicity of most of the governments of the planet, including our own, the dominant media, the economic and scientific world.

At the beginning of 2022, with efficient technical aids, this blog that you are reading was born. In four languages.

It was necessary to SHARE the information to which I had access and to respect the Hippocratic Oath to which I subscribed 50 years ago!
It was necessary to denounce :
- Manipulation
- The obstruction of individual freedoms
- The death of democracy and neutrality
- ...
It was also necessary to understand :
- The rampant fear
- The suffering
- The powerlessness of a population at the mercy of a questionable power
- ...

With Julian Assange, I share :
"Ignorance is public enemy number 1"

At the beginning of September 2022, REALITY IS JUMPING INTO OUR FACE.
The masks begin to fall. In front of the people, we can identify formidable criminals.

For those citizens who wish to understand, just pay attention to the credible and competent people who inform us below:


Warnings swept aside in the silence of the media.

THE WORLD TYRANNIA by Australian Alex Antic. Sober and strong.

Partie 1 :

Partie 2 :

The world government is forming and preparing for a fiery autumn. Stefan Magnet explains it in detail.



BEWARE OF SWiSSMEDIC! Warning to the population.
By ALETHIA, 650 independent doctors federated by Andreas Heisler:

"... As a result, Swissmedic has seriously violated current pharmaceutical law by granting a temporary authorisation for the COVID "vaccines" as well as for the updated "bivalent boosters" with regard to Omikron.
... Swissmedic's actions undermine its credibility as an authorisation authority that should act "in good conscience" for the good of the population.
There is a strong suspicion that Swissmedic is no longer carrying out its task independently, but is being pushed by foreign interests.

The only possibility left for the population is probably to protect itself against dangerous medicines, since the authorisation authority no longer fulfils this task.


All this should be enough to open the eyes of those who want to take care of themselves and consult the prevention and treatment tips below.

In the forthcoming Bulletin 7, you will read more damning information that I did not imagine when I lived through the Bergamo lies.

Prevention and treatment




 July 27, 2022 Bulletin No6+

Attention fellow doctors, the tide is turning

    • Message from the cantonal doctor of Ticino:

Vaccines. Fourth dose against Covid. In Switzerland, the responsibility now lies with the doctors.

By Marietto Cerneaz

In Ticino, Switzerland, the cantonal doctor's office obliges the prescribing doctor to assume all civil and criminal responsibility for the vaccination, who has no data on efficacy and safety. Not having data on efficacy and safety is like injecting poison into the deltoid.

In short, for the fourth dose, the civil and criminal responsibility now shifts to the prescribing doctor, who must give a document to the person vaccinated (see here).

While the president of the cantonal health directors Lukas Engelberger is asking Bern to allow the 4th dose, in Ticino the certificate and informed consent are coming: "We have no data on the effectiveness and safety of such a vaccination programme."

Last name :

First name :
Date of birth :
Passport or identity card number :
Medical certificate

I am aware that a fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine (or the second booster) is not currently recommended in Switzerland for

immunocompetent persons who have already completed a vaccination cycle

(basic immunisation + one booster or one booster dose).
I, the undersigned physician, confirm that I have discussed with the above mentioned patient
about the risks and benefits of unauthorised administration of a booster dose of a vaccine licensed in Switzerland. In particular, I confirm that I have informed my patient that, at present, we have no data on the efficacy of the treatment, and on the safety of such a vaccination system.

After discussion with the patient and verification of his consent, I request that a cantonal vaccination centre administer

Either one dose of Comirnaty® (Pfizer)
Or one dose of Spikevax® (Moderna)

Place, date :
Signature and stamp of the doctor :

The Cantonal Medical Office of Ticino is making this form available to doctors practising in the canton who wish to have their patients vaccinated in a cantonal vaccination centre with a vaccine licensed in Switzerland, but with an indication outside the MA. The responsibility for issuing the certificate lies with the doctor who issued it.

In short, the message seems clear and this is undoubtedly a paradigm shift in health policy: if the doctor prescribes the second booster, he or she assumes responsibility for it, with all that this implies.

I) The people open their eyes and revolt

  • The people revolt - Dutch farmers revolt - "It will spread to the whole of Europe" Philippe Herlin

  • In Zürich demonstration on 7 July 2022 for freedom and neutrality

  • Anti-Wef demonstration in ZH on 9 July 2022

Short video with the portraits of the main "Wanted" at the head of the march: Lukas Engelberger, Giorgio Morlani, Dr. med. Christiane Meier, Alain Berset, Nathalie Rickli, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, ...

And also the RSR podcast

II) Harmfulness of vaxxins

  • Klaus Schwab's words, enlightened or criminal?

  • We understand better the misdeeds

  • In England, increased mortality :

  • Infertility a diabolical agenda :

  • Births collapse :

  • New vaxxin analysis :

  • Testimony of the flight crew :

III) Conclusion WANTED
The WANTED of the demonstrators of July 9, 2022 in Zurich must be enriched with numerous portraits of politicians, medical officials, and other scientists who supported PLANDEMIA and VAXXINS, responsible for millions of deaths.

The POLITICIANS who spoke so convincingly about C19, masks, drugs, vaxxins and their social protection, vaxxination of children and pregnant women while they are ignorant of medicine, have a huge responsibility.
They will invoke their ignorance.
The tide is turning.
These complicit politicians are turning against those weaker than themselves.

The OFFICIAL DOCTORS who followed them, as well as all the COLLEGUES who forgot the Hippocratic Oath and the Declaration of Geneva.

The complicity of the MEDIA is immense. Take a look at these two videos:

  • A short aside with Eric Stemmelen, former director of programming at France 2, former director of Sofres. He explains to us that what you have been told for a long time about the lying and parroting Media is truncated by interests and all say the same thing voluntarily!

  • No media reports on the world situation. They are not corrupt, they are corruption!
But the evil is bigger.


  • The GENOCIDE of billions of humans planned by DAVOS and the EUROPEAN UNION

See the horror of the Pfizer CEO in Davos!

  • But also...the DIGITAL SLAVERY of the survivors, the CREATION OF WAR IN EUROPE BY NATO, are part of their crimes.

The facts are overwhelming.
Shame on the elders of the 30 glorious years who remain silent to preserve their momentary advantages. And thanks to the resistant witnesses and martyred heroes.
Instead of being manipulated by Schwab's Great Reset and its decades-long lies, the youth, helped by the elders, must do The Big Clean of honesty and freedom.

Let's continue the fight against global governance, health, climate, digital dictatorships, the destruction of families, the sexualisation of children, etc...

It is urgent, because we are facing very dangerous people.

Against globalism, we have the help of patriotic politicians who respect the sovereignty of peoples, their identity and their history.

But above all, citizens!

They have silenced you through unreasoning fear.

Speak out and demand answers.

And in the future, don't vote for liars (private-public), cheats, impostors, for those who don't answer questions and don't fight against injustice.




July 7, 2022 Bulletin No 6

One video, unavoidable.
Man, woman or teenager, see clearly how you have been deceived, despised, altered by governments, politicians, and the media. Wake up and protest!

They will enslave us all in the coming months if you remain asleep, believing that your associations will protect you.
They are already responsible for millions and millions of deaths, including children.

They have consented, in the last two years, to the greatest misfortunes of humanity since ever.
It is pointless to believe that they were not warned. Damning information was at hand.
This modest blog, which has been sent for over a year to the FMH, the Federation of the 35,000 doctors working in Switzerland, has informed the FOPH, the public health authorities, the Covid authorities, the politicians, the religious authorities, etc.

Colleague Ignazio Cassis has been named since his presidency of the Confederation. His blindness is an enigma.

Read on.

You will also find



Dear colleague Ignazio Cassis, in your opening speech in Davos, you introduced the notion of "Collaborative Neutrality", a neologism: "a new word not yet accepted in the common language". Intentionally? Neutrality or Collaboration?

A citizen of Ticino, a politician who writes in Tribune libre of Ticino libero. Thank you for hearing it.

"Unfortunately, we must admit that the State is responsible for creating serious structural deficiencies that decree the decline of civilisation, which coincides precisely with the drop in the birth rate. We are a society that proclaims sustainability and perennity, but which unfortunately devotes itself to waste, and with it, we also sacrifice the immense potential of our youth. We believe that a state that wastes its youth is a state that has no future. Therefore, young people, seize the world!
A politician Fabio Rezzonico, vice-president of the PLR, Lugano. "Young people: take the world in your hands."

The envelope for vaccines against Covid continues to divide the Chambers. The contracts for the...
Questions about vaccine purchase at National brushed aside by committee of enquiry

and the response


To find out what sauce we are going to be eaten with, according to the Bill Gates recipe


To answer all the questions about the coming inflation.

Black Roc and Vanguard, investment funds that own the world.

Pandemic and Corrupt Doctors? Pandemic and Corrupt Doctors, explained in 2 minutes by Doctor Alain Colignon.


André Bercoff receives Prof Raoult - LCI David Pujadas
The scientific truth continues to emerge!

The report on the phenomenal quantities of vaxxin doses ordered and stored in Italy. A horror film about vaxxin.

To make vaccines that have reached their expiry date last, manufacturers put the duration of use on the packaging.

"What are we talking about?
It's a bit like having a bag of mozzarella in your fridge that's past its use-by date.
You call the manufacturer and ask them to change the expired date on the packet.
⁃ Yes, the manufacturer replies, but wait until you get the label to stick on before you eat the mozzarella.

Massive revelations about the Spike protein, Pfizer documents from the US FDA given to all governments and a new substance in the injections causing rapid death in some people.

It will never cease to amaze us what was injected...
Shocking photos of blood clots extracted from people who died of "sudden death"...



  • Some light in this dark world.

  • The Great Calling

  • The Grand Jury - the pandemic toll: it's a manipulation



A pint of the good stuff.

He denounces in session the odious lies of the European Parliament!
This intervention is an example to follow, an attitude of resistance that is urgently needed to avoid the slavery that awaits us.


June 8, 2022 Bulletin No 5

All of you, doctors
or not, dare to talk about the causes of the terrible misfortunes of the last three years. Neither the press nor the mainstream screens will show them to you. Open your eyes.
Speak out!
That's how to stop the WEF, to be banned from Switzerland, the WHO clique and all the others.

Dear Colleague Ignazio Cassis, President of the Confederation,

On Sunday 22 May 2022 at the Wankdorf, I saw you, in top form, congratulating every player of FC Lugano on winning the Swiss Cup.
As a doctor, didn't you think for a moment about the more than 1,000 top sportsmen and women who were suddenly killed by the Covid injections?
Dr Malone explique comment la myocardite tue des enfants ou des athlètes de haut niveau - Blog (

Will this beautiful victory make the people of Ticino forget your sympathy for NATO, responsible for the war in Ukraine, denounced in 15 implacable minutes by your fellow historian Daniele Ganser, already quoted above? ? Les USA exportent la démocratie ? - Blog (

Citizens of Ticino and Italy, you have a HERO among you, respectful of the Hippocratic oath, Dr. Andreas Stramezzi, suspended from the Order of Physicians for not having respected the protocols in force. Yet he saved almost 6000 people.
"People must understand that we are all victims of a health system that knowingly kills people with criminal protocols and punishes doctors who still honour their profession.

Released this May, A Pint of Good Blood, another historian's easy-to-read book about the impostor Pasteur and the cynical farce of the pseudo-pandemic.
Half of the book, well documented, denounces the sad drifts in somatic, psychiatric and child psychiatric medicine, dangerous for men, women and children.
L'inquiétante histoire des vaccins : Marc Menant (Plon)
L'inquiétante histoire des vaccins, Marc Menant - Blog (

Roland Garros 24 May 2022 Tsonga cries. He had said the evils of being vaxxed, before having to retract...

But let's take stock of the current situation:

I. Introduction

... AN ESSENTIAL TEXT: Viruses like the mafia.
The assassination of the anti-Mafia judge Giovanni Falcone certainly comes to mind. So does that of General Della Chiesa.
The truth stands the test of time, lies much less so, as Ugo Fuoco demonstrates.
The true story of the death of Giovanni Falcone and the "pandemic" viruses.
What journalists dare not write.

"Follow the money and you will find the Mafia", the judge, who died 30 years ago in a terrorist attack, told us.
Money leads here to the pharmaceutical industry, to so-called philanthropists, and even to governments themselves.
Follow its path!

......DAVOS and Klaus Schwab in his opening speech at the WEF on 23 May 2022: Covideries, global plan: crimes against humanity? Klaus Schwab dans son discours d’ouverture du WEF le 23 mai 2022 - Blog (


... The horror in Ukraine, which is frightening, is not what it seems: the testimony of Laurent Braillard

... today, the surrender of the Ukrainian army, paramilitaries and mercenaries: Jacques Baud on SudRadio

.... And even more enormous, the threat of the head of the Ukrainian paramilitaries quoted at minute 2 by Jacque Baud "if Zelensky does not do what we want we will eliminate him..." du-chef-des-paramilitaires-ukrainiens.html

... the current and geopolitical situation of the war in Ukraine by two French officers
French officers


...When you have listened to the 2 minutes of this video, you will better understand the sentence of Professor Luc Montagnier: "The unvaccinated will save humanity".

... choose your airline, if you want to arrive at your destination.

... Emmanuelle Darles in front of the National Assembly on 24 May 2022, from the 2nd minute: damning for the vaxxins!

.... Michèle Rivasi questions biostatistician Christine Cotton on the effectiveness of Pfizer's anti-covid vaxxin articles/entry/pandemie/2022/06/07/christine-cotton-sexpresses-on-the-effectiveness-of-vaxxin-anti- covid-pfizer.html

....Testimony of Jean Lassalle

... Are you in cahoots with the European Union: for the massacre of children at the start of the school year?


...This is not his first package: graphene oxide in condoms in July 2020.

...Who is the monster? Certainly not Andreas Noack, world expert on graphene and martyr of our time. Témoignage de ses découvertes sur le graphène - Blog (

...A new monkey pandemic: monkey pox?

.... This is not a Belgian joke for quarantined Belgians. La Belgique devient le premier pays à introduire la quarantaine obligatoire contre la variole du singe - ThePressFree
This is not a Belgian joke... Belgium becomes the first country to introduce mandatory monkeypox quarantine: anyone testing positive must isolate themselves for 21 days as 14 countries now confirm outbreaks and doctors warn of a "significant increase" in cases in the UK.

...And for a laugh about this monkey business:


...Well done and hearts up:
a little music and energy to start the day

...Good news for the vaxxed:

And above all, please talk.
See you soon

April 8, 2022 Bulletin No 3

Covid and Co
Dear Colleague Ignazio Cassis, in two minutes, with italian subtitles, you can see the history of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is impossible to ignore.
The chronology of the pandemic

How dare the Federal Council not answer the essential question of a Member of Parliament, concerning millions of Swiss victims of the toxic Covid-19 inoculations inflicted by politicians?
Interpellation of National Councillor JL Addor

A hard-hitting investigation! After eleven months of investigation, the health journalist Xavier Bazin unveils the underbelly of the coronavirus health crisis, which will mark a whole generation in his book "Big Pharma Démasqué", (published by Guy Trédaniel)


Our freedoms at risk

  1. Sleep easy - Davos will "outsource" your free will
  2. Hell is ahead of us -
  3. Cara the octopus with the insistence of the SMVS and the FOPH.

The war that always diverts attention

  1. Xavier Moreau bulletin no 76
  2. War reporting – UG
  3. Tops and bottoms of the war in Ukraine


Dear Colleagues, what can we do to save our last endangered freedoms ?






March 28, 2022 Bulletin No 2


Dear colleague Ignazio CASSIS,
This Bulletin is addressed to you in particular.
It will not take long to read.



As you may have read in detail in the previous Bulletin, the WHO is currently fomenting a worldwide coup d'état in Geneva:
The transfer of the sovereignty of all the Ministries of Health on the planet to the WHO, in the hands of GAVI.
On the Health Dictatorship, a glance at these links will be enough to enlighten you.

I. Medical and bioethical science totally crazy, a few terrifying seconds: a CHEMICAL

II. The chilling testimony of Christine DEVIERS-JONCOURS famous in the Elf affair, as well as in the sale of military frigates to Taiwan.
VIDEO on The dinners at Attali's 1987 - 1988

III. Dr. Elisabeth EADS
The figures are frightening!
Millions of triple-vaccinated people are getting AIDS.

IV. The enormous overestimation of Covid-19 deaths, denounced in Great Britain


2) The US-EU-CH WAR against RUSSIA

I. A deadly video.
Udo ULFKOTTE was for 35 years the editor-in-chief of one of Europe's largest newspapers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Ulfkote was killed right after his video on April 1, 2015, in which he confessed to the world that journalists all over the world are paid by the CIA, Governments, etc., to...always lie and never tell the truth to the public...and in particular, to prepare for a Western war against Russia.

II. TESSINIAN historian Daniele GANSER explains the crimes of the USA and NATO in 14 minutes. Masterly conference.
Does the USA export democracy?

III. The war in Ukraine is not at all what our politicians and the press tell us!
Clear demonstration by Xavier Moreau.

IV The war in Ukraine is not at all the one that our politicians and the press tell us!
"To succeed in beating one's adversary without having confronted him is the best conduct".
Bernard Wicht War in Ukraine: the strategy of flabbergasting.
Is the Russian power "crazy", or does it pursue objectives that our vision of things does not allow us to conceive?
Who in the end will pay for this blindness?


The course of this second BULLETIN and should it not allow a more complete reflection to all your fellow citizens?
Best regards. See you soon.



March 17, 2022 Bulletin No 1


In 2020 a biological weapon has invaded the planet with the intention of killing billions of people, and in 2021 transforming the survivors into future robot-slaves to serve a clique of cunning criminals.
In early 2022, by diverting attention to Ukraine, the WHO allied with Davos pursues its criminal goals with the strategies below.


Dear Brother Ignazio Cassis, for any citizen, your responsibility on these medical subjects is much more important than that of your Colleagues of the Federal Council, economist, musician or others.
The curtain rises

Among the speakers was Dr. Joseph Ladapo, director of Public Health in Florida, the US state that has resisted all Covid-19 measures.
"˝I was a tenured associate professor at UCLA. I was caring for patients at the UCLA hospital and had a research program.
I found myself in an incredible challenge or kind of a battle between individual rights and choices and truth on one side, and really a kind of dominant power, abuse of Government power, abuse of data, dishonesty, and frankly, a lot of unethical behavior on the other side.
I still remember vividly when very highly educated people were saying - 15 days to slow Covid down and stop the spread - and other very interesting statements. And I remember my wife and I looking at newspapers and editorials in the New York Times, "What in God's name are these people thinking?"
And of course, it turned out that they had no idea what they were talking about.
So, I think it's very important at this point, not to let these people off the hook, that's the best way to put it, because they're the ones who got us to the point we are.
They want us to forget how we got here, to forget that the choices they made for everyone were bad choices that brought no appreciable benefit.
We can't let them forget.
We have to let our country's leaders and the world know the truth, because it's the right thing to do and because it can happen again or we don't do it.˝"

  • While the governments are distracting the peoples with the war in Ukraine, in Switzerland in Geneva is taking place a global coup: a transfer of the sovereignties of all the ministries of health of the planet to the WHO (World Health Organization, a UN-affiliated body), in private hands as if it were an NGO, financed 80% by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, known eugenicists and trans humanists, convinced of the need to eliminate a large part of the planet's population. This is not a fiction, it is happening.

The WHO wants the world's states to sign a global treaty as soon as possible, which would oblige member countries to a coordinated response in the event of a "natural disaster" or "next pandemic" by laying the groundwork for an international vaccine pass. A treaty that would expand the 2005 treaty, giving WHO priority and authority over countries' national constitutions in the event of a natural disaster or pandemic. This would allow the WHO guidelines to be mandatory for signatory countries. The WHO wants all countries to sign this treaty by May 2022. These guidelines would be imposed, not just recommended, but applied to the population in a mandatory manner.
We are thus getting closer to the New World Order with this illegitimate, illegal and criminal globalist system of planetary governance, which is part of a desire for standardization, dehumanization and total control of the people, as desired by the elites.
Meanwhile, people's attention is diverted by the fear of a possible nuclear war involving NATO, the European Union and Russia. We are not sparing the possibility of such a war, but it is important to remain aware of the attempt to distract the people in order to pass arbitrary laws under false or unjustified pretexts, which will be aimed at ending their freedoms and autonomies. The governments and the collaborating doctors, after having done everything to cover up the socio-economic and health disasters caused by the covid crisis and the injections, are now working on this globalist plan.
Governments are loosening restrictions and social pressure, but imposing the WHO as the head and director of your bodies, and the pharmaceutical industry as the dictator of health...
From now on, the Ministries of Health of many countries are in the process of being totally controlled, under the direct orders of the WHO, under a kind of international Ministry of Health.
They want to totally control your health and medication in order to massively reduce the world's human population through their democide, cut off your basic rights, your freedoms; the health systems are starting to follow the mandates of the 2030 Agenda, and are already talking about new pandemics on the prowl (planned, as in operation covid-19). This must necessarily involve restricting the sovereignty of countries and bypassing the surveillance that any prevention of biological attack requires. This is nothing less than organized crime.
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, who denounces the lies and state manipulations around the pseudo-pandemic of covid-19, had worked for the WHO for 20 years and is, apparently, now part of the anti-New World Order resistance, said that each country should send a public letter of protest to the WHO with the signature of its ministry of health, saying that its people refuse this.

A lawyer and seven other plaintiffs accuse 16 people of the world's elite, of genocide of numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code and crimes against humanity.
Barely noticed in the world public opinion, the first international criminal proceedings against those responsible and puppeteers of the Covid-19 pandemic has begun.
The following people are accused:

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID (US Research Center)
  • Dr. Peter Daszak, President of the EcoHealth Alliance
  • Bill Gates
  • Melinda Gates
  • Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer Group
  • Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna
  • Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca
  • Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson
  • Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Secretary General of the WHO
  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Christopher Whitty, medical advisor to the British government
  • Matthew Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
  • June Raine, Chief Executive of British Medical and Care Products
  • Dr. Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation
  • Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum


  • Criminal complaint against the Swiss Confederation for

o Violation of the Federal Constitution, Swiss neutrality and belligerent activity against a sovereign state
o Complicity in crimes against humanity and participation in an international criminal organization with the aim of destabilizing world peace
o Endangerment of the Swiss sovereign population and the Swiss economy
(pdf document)




Less than 20.-CH per treatment
Very effective in the field if prescribed early. Who can explain that they are still totally occulted by the official medicine, the press and the ignorant politicians ?
Azithromycin (recognized pulmonary antibiotic) and hydroxychloroquine (totally harmless) have proven themselves since the beginning of 2020.

  • Chlorine dioxide recognized by NASA as a universal antidote in 1987

  • Ivermectin: "What you did is unconscionable, and history will remember it."

Mind-blowing video that collects Dr. Tess Lawrie's secretly made recordings of her conversations with Andrew Hill, who wrote the meta-analysis on ivermectin
and then altered its conclusions for 40 million dolalrs from Big Pharma

As heard from a Tuscan octogenarian:
"It has been a terrible two years, and now that things were getting better, we are back in hell..."

  • Who has lost his mind? The Federal Council, our Parliaments, all politicians? Russia's devastating retaliation against Switzerland's departure from its neutrality, ranked among the 15 nations hostile to the Russian nation.


  • The above serious information is not given to the Swiss citizens by our rulers, our politicians and by the press.
  • Learn that on January 21, 2020, the signature of Ignazio Cassis will join that of Klaus Schwab to tie Switzerland to the New World Order of Davos.

Agreement between the Swiss Confederation and the World Economic Forum (pdf document)
See you soon


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